Agent Orange in our Backyards

Dioxin hotspots from the production, use and storage of Agent Orange and other dioxin contaminated defoliants are not limited to Vietnam. Dow, Monsanto, Diamond Shamrock, Hercules and the other producers of 2,4,5 T left behind their own legacies of war right in our own backyards. Some of these sites have been designated as Super Fund sites or brownfields and are in various stages of clean-up and containment. However many of them, particular the sites located on current or former military bases or downstream from the plant locations, have not been properly addressed.

Dioxin from the production of 2,4,5  - T during the war year is still impacting communities throughout the United States, thirty to forty years after the production ended. Residents of Saginaw, Michigan located downstream from Dow Chemical have been told by MI Environmental Protection Agency that their lawns are so contaminated they must wear gloves and masks when they are outside and take off and wash their clothes immediately when they come inside. Hunters and fishermen in MI are told it is not safe to eat the ducks, fish and internal organs of the deer they kill. Residents of Gulfport, Mississippi have been fighting local officials and the military for years to look into the high rates of cancers and illness in communities adjacent to the Navy base where millions of barrels of Agent Orange were stored before being shipped to the Pacific and burned in the late 1970s.  A coalition of environmental groups are fighting to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from dredging Newark Bay due to fears of stirring up the dioxin laden sediment from a former Occidental Agent Orange plant in Newark. New Jersey EPA has banned crabbing and recommends limiting consumption of fish caught in this area. Residents of Nitro, West Virginia who have found high levels of dioxin in the dust in their homes have filed a class action suit against Monsanto which produced Agent Orange in a nearby plant more than 30 years ago. 

There are many grassroots groups working to make the corporations or government agencies accountable. Several Class action lawsuits have been filed in many of these communities to try to get the chemical companies to clean-up their toxic mess. However, as with the victims of Agent Orange in Vietnam, people impacted by this toxic legacy of war are also facing a fierce battle right here at home. 


Summary of Available Information on Use, Testing and Storage  of Dioxin Containing Herbicides. From Department of Defense to Representative Lane Evans

Additional information on sites outside of Vietnam from the Vietnam Research by Veteran's website

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Agent Orange related Dioxin sites in the United States (partial list)
Location Source of Dioxin Situation Today
Saginaw and Midland, MI Dow Chemical 8,700 parts per trillion at a location in Midland and 8,200 parts per trillion at a park in Saginaw County's Saginaw Township.  About 71.5% of the 144 samples exceeded the state standard of 90 parts per trillion and about 35% were above 1,000 parts per trillion. (Dow sampling)
Newark Bay, NJ Diamond Shamrock - Occidental high levels of TCDD
Nitro, WV Monsanto Dust samples of homes in Nitro found ranges of 16 parts per trillion to 1,210 parts per trillion
Gulfport, MS Naval Base where Agent Orange and other Vietnam era herbicides were stored Barrels of Agent Orange and other herbicides stored at Gulfport were removed and burned in the South Pacific aboard the Vulcanus in the late 70s. Residents are currently asking that the military address the dioxin contamination and related health impacts in the civilian areas surrounding the base.
Ft. Detrick, MD Army Base where Agent Orange was tested unknown
Hilo, HI Testing done by the University of Hawaii