Voices for Agent Orange Victims

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Photo Courtesy of Philip Jones Griffiths

Who We Are
How we started

In March of 2005 a group of 10 students traveled to Viet Nam to learn about the effects of Agent Orange.  Thinking that they were prepared for what they might find, the reality of the situation easily erased all of their expectations. Out of millions of people that suffer from the consequences of chemical warfare they were introduced to only a few,  but that was enough to show that the issue of Agent Orange is not one of the past but something that many Vietnamese and Americans are still dealing with today.  

During the visit the group found the motivation to advocate for this issue and to raise awareness for the victims of Agent Orange.  After returning home, Voices for Agent Orange Victims was established to raise awareness and educate people about this issue.  It will continue to grow as more students realize the urgency of this problem and get involved.  Our hope is that this website will also grow as more students use it as a tool for learning about the history and current issues related to Agent Orange, and also as a guide for getting involved and staying connected with those who are already.

While Voices for Agent Orange Victims is a student-led organization our website is currently housed at the Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD),  a not-for-profit organization based in New York that for the past 20 years has been working to address the consequences of war in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. FRD conducts its own awareness and fundraising campaign for victims of Agent Orange and has been advising us and providing support as we launch Voices at campuses across the United States.