Voices for Agent Orange Victims

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Guide to student organizing

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There are tons of activists out there who are dedicated to many different issues and movements.  Groups host a number of different campaigns which advocate for injustices concerning everything from the environment and social justice to holding people, companies and governments accountable for their actions. 

Itís awesome to see so many people involved in important causes, but there seems to be a lack of noise surrounding the issue of Agent Orange.  The victims of Agent Orange in Viet Nam are a clear example of why a lot of these other issues and groups are important, but the problem is that not enough people know about what is happening in Viet Nam and even here in the US. 

How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes if they are hidden from us?  The answer is that we canít!  The good news however, is that as students we have a unique position of power which gives us the opportunity to reach out and speak to our surrounding campuses and communities about what concerns us. 

There are entire families who continue to suffer while the majority of people have no idea what happened during the war and what the consequences are.  Itís time for students to get together and stand up for the rights of those who have been harmed by Agent Orange and the effects of war. 

To learn ways that you can help follow the links at the side of this page and join our student campaign!  If you have any questions along the way contact Jess at jeschaff@owu.edu.  Also, go to our campaigns and action page to check out our current activities.