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Welcome to our Cuba pages. They were originally designed to address the interests of non-governmental organizations and citizens who wished to travel freely to Cuba and undertake programs of people to people exchange and humanitarian assistance.

After speaking on the ASTA Cuba panel at the annual conference in Honolulu in November 2002, I concluded that there was substantial support in the travel industry to open the Cuba market for normal business, but no vehicle for grassroots expression of that sentiment.

Our goal is to assist the travel industry to gain a strong voice in changing a policy that does great damage to an important sector of the American economy while serving no credible US national interest.

Our intention is to create a list-serve and a specialized interactive website that will facilitate discussion and action within the travel industry and with its friends. Please contact with your suggestions and comments.

-John McAuliff




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Mission Statement

The US-Cuba Reconciliation Initiative began its work in 1999 as a program of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD).  Its work focuses initially on the reconciling role of people-to-people contact.

We seek to open opportunities for personal travel so that all interested Americans are able to see Cuba for themselves and make up their own minds about current US policy.  Only through dramatically broadened direct contact can the population of both nations overcome naturally the barriers and miscomprehension created by four decades of embargo, political confrontation, and separation.

We also seek to increase the efforts by American NGOs and educational institutions to address the human impact of the embargo in partnership with Cuban organizations.  The pages of the Interchange and of this web site report on the programs of American not-for-profit institutions with Cuba and on their often-troubling experience of applying for Treasury Department licenses to send relief, development and educational assistance.

We also welcome opportunities to cooperate with both not-for-profit and business institutions aspiring to a new chapter in US-Cuba relations.

US-Cuba Reconciliation Initiative
Fund for Reconciliation and Development
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Fund for Reconciliation and Development

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