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The Fund for Reconciliation and Development (FRD) is a national not-for-profit organization working for reconciliation with and development of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Cuba and fully normal US diplomatic, cultural, educational and economic relations.

FRD began in 1985 as the US-Indochina Reconciliation Project (USIRP). It evolved from a decade long program established in 1972 in the Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers).

USIRP/FRD sought through a changing mix of programs to address the humanitarian and political consequences of a tragic and unnecessary war. It organized ground-breaking and catalytic exchanges by educators, officials and cultural groups and was an active participant in Washington policy discussions.

Post-normalization FRD undertakes its own exchange programs which emphasize building institutional links between educational, "civil society" and governmental institutions in America and in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It advocates for public and private humanitarian assistance to address the consequences of war, including unexploded ordnance, landmines and Agent Orange.

Having pioneered work between the US and Indochina, FRD also plays the unique role of strengthening cooperation within the broad community engaged in the development of this region, including a wide range of not-for-profit institutions (NGOs, universities, foundations), the international business community, and host country institutions. This is achieved by publication of a quarterly newsletter Interchange and of directories; by maintaining a web site and e-mail distribution lists, and by organizing international conferences and special meetings.

In 2001 FRD appointed a full-time representative in Washington to bring into contemporary policy discussions the perspective of not-for-profit organizations working in Indochina and to monitor Administration and Congressional actions which impact this work. The representative prepares a monthly e-mail report which is available to organizations and individual members of the FRD network.

Work with Cuba began in 1998 and is undertaken in the same spirit of creating people-to-people projects to overcome decades of mutual hostility, embargo and misunderstanding. We seek to restore normal travel, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba and to foster respect for both countries institutions and right to self-determination.

FRD Cuba programs focus on restoring Americans' freedom of travel and on fostering increased involvement of US not-for-profits with Cuban counterparts. We organize periodic trips for institutions and individuals seeking to understand and improve US-Cuba relations.

FRD is not at present a membership organization, but we invite participation in our network of individuals, as well as of NGOs, educational institutions, foundations, corporate philanthropies and businesses.

Please also see a review of FRD history and goals which was printed as a special cover on the Fall 2002 Interchange

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