A Quarterly Newsletter for and about International Cooperation with Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Cuba

Interchange, formerly Indochina Interchange, was the quarterly publication of the Fund for Reconciliation and Development.  Online versions of recent issues are below.  To request print copies of back issues, contact John McAuliff, Executive Director, at

Recent Issues of Interchange available online:

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 HTML (standard web page) versions are quicker to download.  They are concise online versions.
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    --Current Issue--
    Volume 13:2-3  Summer-Fall 2003         (PDF)

    --Past Issues--

    Volume 13:1  Spring 2003     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 12:3  Fall 2002     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 12:2  Summer 2002     (HTML)     (PDF)      

    Volume 12:1  Spring 2002     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 11:2  December 2001    (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 11:1  April 2001     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 10:3  December 2000       (HTML)       (PDF)

    Volume 10:1-2  September 2000    (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 9:4   Fall 1999     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 9:3   Summer 1999     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 9:2   Spring 1999     (HTML)     (PDF)

    Volume 9:1   January 1999     (HTML)

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